The basics…I’m a marketing and communications professional living in the NYC area with my evil corgi, Blanche. (Yes, I named her after one of my favorite characters on one of the best shows ever — The Golden Girls.  That’s how I roll.) Consider this blog my way of bringing you the fun things the evil corgi and I run across on our journey through this crazy little world.

"Malahide Castle", "Michelle Miller"

In front of Malahide Castle, just outside of Dublin.

I was born and raised in two very different parts of New Jersey (think opening theme song to Green Acres), but have spent time living in Boston, New Hampshire and Phoenix for school.  I love to travel abroad, but often keep it local so that the evil corgi can also enjoy.  My obsession with music, television, movies, history and science dominates much of my non-working time.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog and various social networks are mine alone and do not reflect that of my employer.

Questions or comments?  Send them on over!

Corgi, "Evil Corgi"

Evil Corgi, Blanche

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