First Anniversary Trip ~ Stop Four: San Francisco

We woke up bright and early in Vegas (where the streets were completely empty) and took an early (and uneventful) flight to San Francisco. After some delays with our car rental at SFO, we were on our way to our hotel, Parc 55 Wyndam.

After a relatively quick check-in, we decided to explore the city via double-decker bus. While we usually love taking this mode of transportation for sightseeing in a large city we’re unfamiliar with, I’m not sure I would ever take another in San Fran. There were a lot of different companies, it was totally unorganized and the bus itself wasn’t all that well-maintained. Also something to factor in is the temperature — it always seems to be cold and windy in San Fran, at least when I’ve visited, which has always been in the Summer/Early Fall. In any event, we did get to see some fun things.


Golden Gate Bridge

Fisherman's Wharf

Afterwards, we grabbed an early dinner at Puccini and Pinetti, grabbed some beer/snacks and relaxed in the hotel for the rest of the night. The main event for this leg of the trip was the next day…Napa.

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