Celebrity Silhouette ~ New Jersey to the Caribbean

A year late, but more than worthy of still posting…our March/April 2012 cruise to the Caribbean on the Celebrity Silhouette!

We took car service from our apartment in Hoboken, NJ to the cruise terminal in Bayonne, NJ — you just can’t beat a 15 minute ride from your home to the port! To give you an idea of how easy and smooth this process was, we left our apartment at Noon and were through luggage, security, the shuttle bus from the terminal to the ship and onboard with champagne in our hands by 12:45. 12:45!!!!!!!! This is why I love cruising out of Bayonne.

This ship was a lot like our beloved Celebrity Solstice, which we took for our honeymoon through the Mediterranean in October 2011, but a bit newer. Our arrival was not the amazing production it was on the Solstice, but we had also downgraded our room from the Penthouse Suite to the Sky Suite. The Sky Suite was about a quarter of the size of the Penthouse Suite (which can be seen here in my video and Flickr set from the Solstice), but it’s also a quarter of the price, which we were perfectly okay with for this last-minute Caribbean getaway.

We started off our day with lunch at Bistro on 5, which I don’t believe we ever actually ate in on the Solstice. The food was delicious and it was so much better than fighting for a table at the lunch buffet being served at the Oceanview Cafe upstairs.


Another thing we had never experienced before…three whole days at sea! While the hubby and I loved, loved, loved our honeymoon on the Solstice and wouldn’t change a single thing about it, we were exhausted with all of the many stops along the way, especially having just come off our wedding and the frenzy of the week before the wedding. This down-time was either going to be a real treat or kill us with boredom.


On our first day at sea, we went for our first-ever couples massage, which was fantastic. It was followed by the usual sales pitch of products, but that didn’t take away from the wonderful treatment we just experienced. I followed the massage with a pedicure and eventually met up with Chris again for lunch at the Oceanview Cafe, before blissfully doing nothing for the rest of the afternoon.  This was our first formal dinner night in the main dining room and it was strange not sitting at the Captain’s Table like we had on the Solstice!  Like I previously mentioned, we were insanely spoiled while staying in the Penthouse.  We went to the Broadway Nights show afterwards, which was actually very good, then headed back to the room around midnight. No late night drinking for us after indulging in one too many Pirate Punches the night before.


Our second full day at sea started with a delicious breakfast at the Oceanview Cafe with much better weather than what we left behind in New Jersey. We went to Bistro on 5 again for lunch — just could not get enough of that place! With slightly more energy than our first full day at sea, we went to watch the Family Feud game show before showering and taking in the Final Four at Michael’s Club. We chose a specialty restaurant for dinner — Qsine – which wasn’t offered on Solstice. Oh my goodness…what a meal. One of the most interesting culinary experiences ever, to say the least. The food was incredible and just so…unique.  Sushi with Doritos crumb coating? Sure, why not. The presentation was amazing, too. We both ate way too much, to the point of feeling sick, but it was so very worth it.

On the last full day at sea heading to the Caribbean, we decided to reserve an Alcove on the lawn. May I say, it was SO much better than fighting with people over pool chairs — my least favorite aspect of cruising!  Apart from getting burned (our pale skin just doesn’t stand a chance sometimes), we actually had a lot of fun there. We decided on lunch at the Lawn Club, where the manager actually remembered us from our time on the Solstice where he was the manager at Silk Harvest. Seriously, the customer service on Celebrity Cruises is truly unmatched. We had a great lunch there before cleaning up and heading to a Wheel of Fortune game show (got two questions right for my team — woot!). We had dinner at the MDR (which sadly paled in comparison to the dinner at Qsine the night before) before heading to the Sky Lounge for beer and karaoke (to watch, not partake).  We didn’t stay out too late, as we were ready to hit St. Thomas and all the fun — and drama — that came with it the next day!

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