Cruise Stop #3 ~ Athens

After some rough weather in Rome and Naples, plus a rough ride from Italy to Greece, we finally made it to Athens!

Chris and I had considered going to Greece exclusively for our honeymoon, but given everything that was going on in Greece at the time (including a two week garbage strike leaving behind mountains of trash on every street corner), I’m glad we didn’t.

We went for another early morning, full day excursion — this time to the archeological sites in Athens and on Cape Sounion. Well, that was the plan. We happened to be in town the one day the security guards were on strike, thus closing down the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon. Our tour guide did her very best with what was available to her. We received a full history lesson on the Acropolis from a hill not too far away which allows for picturesque views of the ruins…

…as well as the city itself.

The hill (Philopappou) that we were able to climb was interesting in itself.  It contained the area in which Socrates was supposedly imprisoned, not to mention this monument.

We ran back to the warmth of the bus for some drive-through sightseeing on our way to lunch, including Syntagma Square (seen in the photo below) just days before riots and protests broke out there.

Lunch was at a gorgeous hotel, although the name escapes me now. Something along the lines of the InterContinental or Metropolitan.  The food was so good, but the dessert was even better.  All I have to show for it is this empty dessert plate.

We hopped back on the bus for a very long ride down to Cape Sounion for a visit to the Temple of Poseidon.

Again, we had to look at it from afar due to the guard strike, so we took a few pictures and spent the rest of the time in a nearby restaurant avoiding the deteriorating weather conditions.

After a long, flooded ride back to the boat, we settled in for our next day’s stop — and our first without an excursion planned — Mykonos!

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