Cruise Stop #2 ~ Naples, Capri, Sorrento & Pompeii

Our ship journeyed overnight from Roma to Naples, where we visited Capri, Sorrento and Pompeii.  (Pretty much everywhere EXCEPT Naples.) It was another early start and 12 hour excursion, this time through the wind, rain and cold.

The first leg of our trip was a ferry ride from Naples to the Isle of Capri. The winds were so bad and the waves so rough, they started handing out sick bags to the passengers on this hour long ferry ride. I was so close to the dock, but couldn’t take it any longer and lost the breakfast our butler, Nito, so beautifully laid out for us that morning. The pain was worth it, though — we took the funicular up to the top of the island to look down upon this beauty.

Capri was stunning. Beautiful shops, restaurants, hotels, sights, sounds and, most importantly, the best gelato I have ever tasted.

This Biscotti beauty made me forget all about breakfast (or lack thereof!).

We took a “honeymooners” shot in front of the Faraglioni.

I think I’m still doing a good job at this point of hiding my dread of taking another (supposedly 20 minute) ferry ride from Capri to Sorrento. The trip was inevitable, though — we had to get off the island (very Lost-esque). What was supposed to take 20 minutes ended up taking 45 minutes instead. Along the way, the waves were so bad, people in the front of the ferry were screaming in fear as our boat plunged below the water line. The current was so rough, it took 15 minutes just to dock and required several crew members to guide everyone off the ferry safely. The conditions on the water became so dangerous, they actually canceled all water-related tours for the rest of the day. Thankfully, we made it to mainland Sorrento…and lunch!

Lunch was another great restaurant with beautiful Italian food, wine and dessert.  Post-gorge, we were shuffled off to a souvenir store for a presentation and shopping opportunity. I have to say, the forced souvenir shopping was the one thing about these cruise excursions that I found somewhat annoying. I’m all about supporting the local economy and the people who own these shops were truly lovely, but this is still my vacation and I’m still paying for these excursions. But I digress…

We eventually made our way through the downpour via bus to a place I have read about and marveled over since I was a little girl…Pompeii. Even through the rain, you can still get a feel for this amazing archeological site.

The amphitheatre

…the tunnels…

…the fast food restaurants…

…the urban planning…

…the villain, still looming over the town today…

…and one of the many victims who suffered its wrath.

It was truly incredible to walk around this once vibrant city and imagine what life would be like there in its prime. At times, you felt transported back, especially while walking through the buildings and the tunnels.  What would you do after such a moving experience? Well WE got sent to ANOTHER shop for an hour!! REALLY?!?! At that point, we were wet, hungry and ready for our afternoon tea from Nito. True to form, Celebrity greeted us at the boat with warm towels and hot chocolate. I love you, Celebrity Cruises!!!

For more pictures from this stop, check out my Flickr set.

After two early and long days of playing tourist, we were so happy to have a day at sea to recover before heading to Greece. Next stop, Athens!

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