When You Wish Upon A Star ~ Magic Kingdom April 2011

After Friday’s fun at Universal Studios, we switched back into Disney mode to finish up a few more rides at Epcot before heading over to the Magic Kingdom at night.

We walked this time over to Epcot, which we honestly should have done our first night here had we known how close it was to our hotel. It was fun seeing all the wedding ceremonies being set up along the walkway route that early in the morning. We got our FASTPASS ticket for Test Track, but had some time to kill — and the only place to eat that time of the morning was in The Land Pavilion. We grabbed breakfast and took advantage of a short line at their Living with the Land attraction. It’s one of the oldest at Epcot and was really very interesting. By the time we were finished with the ride (about 15 minutes later), we were ready for our FASTPASS time on Test Track. You would be surprised — even with a FASTPASS it still takes some time to get through the line! The ride was SO fun, though, but I don’t think I would have been as impressed if I had waited in the much, much longer line for it.

We came back to the Boardwalk area for lunch and tried the ESPN Club. We had been warned through Foursquare tips that the seating and service here was beyond terrible. I just figured people were being too harsh — how bad could it be?! Wow — it was BAD! The entire room was empty except for two tables and they still made us wait ten minutes while they “found” us a table. The service took a long time, as well, and every time we looked, the waiters were huddled together chatting. Sort of reminded me of that scene in The Blind Side at the child services office — I wish Leigh Anne Tuohy was there that day to set them straight!! :-)

That aside, we actually relaxed for a bit before heading over to….THE MAGIC KINGDOM!

When I think of Disney World, I think of Cinderella’s Castle. To me, this park is more “Disney” than any other, so I was very excited to finally go! Let me say first, though, that I couldn’t get over how incredibly kind and helpful the bus and boat drivers around Disney were. Great staff choices, Disney! The kids on the bus who were beyond excited to see their favorite Disney character didn’t hurt either. One of the moments you wish you were a mom already, taking your kids to Disney for the first time — I can’t wait!

Back to business, though…Magic Kingdom! Since we heard most people walked in a counterclockwise circle around Magic Kingdom, we decided to hang a left and work our way clockwise. There was a show about to start at the Hall of Presidents and plenty of room (and air conditioning!), so we stopped in. What a beautiful presentation! I’ll admit (to everyone but Chris), I shed a tear…or ten. I guess I can get a little overly patriotic and even get choked up every time I hear the song, “Proud to be an American,” by Lee Greenwood. I nearly burst into tears reading the lyrics from the link I provided! Moving on…

The line for the Haunted Mansion was pretty short, so we seized the opportunity. It was a fun ride, taking you through different parts of the mansion with something ghoulish going on in every room. Honestly, I wasn’t in love with how they get people into the attraction at the end of the line. You’re stuffed in this room where they disorient you before opening the door and everyone begins fighting each other to get out. Something must have happened to the other rooms (ours wasn’t the only one), because three rooms dumped people out at the same time. It was CHAOS trying to get into a single line and onto the ride. That said, I would do it again — the ride was worth another trip!

From there, we grabbed a FASTPASS at Splash Mountain and kept a-movin’ — that line was LONG! Fantasyland was next filled with all the princessy-type attractions a little girl can dream of. I sort of wanted Chris to propose to me all over again right next to the carousel, but instead hopped at the chance to get on a very short line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic. What a show! This 3D movie brings you through so many memorable Disney movie scenes and incorporates live special effects when it can. We were going to pass this attraction up (much like we did with It’s a Small World), but I’m so glad we didn’t. A must see!

If you could believe it, we still had a lot more time before our FASTPASS was up for Splash Mountain, so we headed to Tomorrowland to visit Space Mountain! We had to wait on a regular line there, but it moved pretty quickly. What’s better than an in-the-dark roller coaster?! Very few things, my friends!

FINALLY, our time was up for the Splash Mountain FASTPASS and boy was that regular line long! I actually felt really bad passing everyone as we made our way to the front of the line. This is a great ride, don’t get me wrong, but something must have gone wrong mechanically that caused a back up with the boats. We were literally smashing into each at one point waiting to ride up the conveyor belt and again after the big drop waiting to disembark. I won’t lie, I was a little worried we were going to get stuck, but we eventually made our way out and grabbed a seat along the Electrical Parade route in Frontierland.

Afterwards, we went back to Fantasyland to see what we had missed (and in search of food!) and took advantage of another short line, this time at Snow White’s Scary Adventures. It’s one of the oldest rides in the park and I heard it was being torn down during the latest and greatest renovation. I’m so glad I got to ride on it — it was well done, especially considering how old it was. After getting off this ride, we happened to be in a prime location BEHIND the castle (take note, people!) for the Wishes Spectacular! We got a great view of Tinkerbell flying from the top of the castle and were in the middle of all the fireworks. I’m sure the view was even better from the front of the castle, but it was nice not having to fight our way over to Tomorrowland after it was all over. There, we finally found food at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Here’s a tip — after Wishes, grab something to eat at Cosmic Ray’s, sit on the balcony overlooking the castle and enjoy the 10:30 pm castle projection show. You not only get a perfect view, but you actually get a seat! And did I mention food?!

We also got ourselves another PhotoPass shot in front of the castle a little earlier in the night. You can see Tinkerbell’s flight line coming from the castle!

We decided to check out one more attraction before we hit the gift shop and called it a night — Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. GO SEE THIS! So incredibly funny — just make sure you’re not “that guy!”

We made a run for the bus (which, again, so nicely stopped for us even though it was ready to pull away) with souvenirs in tow and headed back to our hotel. The next morning, we hopped the Magical Express and flew back to NJ.

Truly, a magical adventure!

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