March Movie Madness

I have been a movie junkie lately, even going so far as to rush to a Manhattan theater — alone — to check out Red Riding Hood.  I thought I would go ahead and completely ruin any credibility I had by telling you what I REALLY thought of a few.

Red Riding Hood

I know everyone said to skip this movie, but I actually thought it was very good. You won’t learn anything, it won’t make you think, there’s nothing groundbreaking presented and you won’t see it win any awards…but it’s entertaining. Isn’t that what going to the movies should be about sometimes? In any event, I can guarantee that if you liked Twilight, you will love this. Personally, I think it was better.





I caught this movie on HBO only because I wanted a quiet night at home, Chris was in Atlantic City with some friends and there was NOTHING else on television. It was intentionally stupid, but surprisingly funny. I’ll never be able to look at celery the same way again, but I honestly never thought I would laugh as hard as I did at this movie. Plus, I’m a sucker for some great 80s music. Staring at Ryan Phillipe for the better part of an hour didn’t hurt, either. Long live MacGruber.




Speed Racer

I watched this immediately after watching MacGruber, as I felt the need for a wholesome palate cleanser. It was cute, colorful and great for kids. Although Speed Racer was much longer than I had originally expected (2 hrs, 15 mins), it was constantly moving. I especially loved how they would move from character to character during a single scene. It’s visual display is something to behold and enough of a reason to check it out.




1408: Theatrical Version

I found out AFTER I watched this version that there was a much happier ending in the regular old 1408. Put that version on your Netflix queue if you are looking for a more complete ending to this story. The movie was disjointed and intentionally confusing (for a reason, you’ll understand why later in the movie), but there were some stellar twists and turns along the way. I also enjoyed how flawed John Cusack’s character was and thought he played what was mostly a monologue rather well. I’m a sucker for movies with closure, though, so I wish I had gone with 1408 instead of its theatrical version.



When in Rome

If you’ve seen 27 Dresses and Love Potion No. 9, you don’t need to see this movie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s delightful, but it follows the road most frequently traveled in rom-com land. I will tell you this, though — Danny DeVito still has it!






Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Again, this was cute, kids will love the big food portions flying out of the sky and Mr. T is in it! Still waiting for something I love more than Meet the Robinsons, though.

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